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MARCH 31 2019

man running in Paris by the Seine river

It's a great pleasure to have the site up. I'm eager to see how this website turns out, and it feels as if the current concept could well be developed further in the coming future.

Having come up with the idea Saturday the 30th of Mars, setting up the site was a quick fix. I've previously made some websites for some university courses that were ready to be transformed for the Run for Trees cause. The site I'd say does the job, but with time we'll definetely look into making it more even more savy and user-friendly, to maximize comfort.

At this Blog page, I was thinking that stories on the website's progress will be posted, along with the stories of some of its' current users, some general information about running, and of course updates on the environmental impact that we all have by using the site.

The whole purpose of the Run for Trees project is to give us all something to run for. By knowing that your run makes an impact on the environment, it feels to me could well be a reason to go out and get that workout going.

All the best, and feel free to try the site.


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