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How it works

runner outdoors path


Start by opening your run tracking app of choice
(for example Runkeeper, Fitbit, Nike Run)

runner outdoors path


With your run tracking app, go for a run or walk while tracking your distance

runner outdoors path


When you have finished your run, take a print-screen of your tracked excersise results given by the app

runner outdoors path


Proceed to use the form on this very website and attach your print-screen to submit your run, done!

Not only a run-tracking initiative

Besides sending in your runs and planting trees, the goal of the website is also to provide some interesting posts and information about running, by forming a community through Instagram and Facebook!

We run Ads

Run for Trees is financed by ads, and that's very important to admit. Ads provide that vital source of income that is needed for the financing of our trees. We are of course open to business and collaboration inquiries from those willing to back our cause of promoting fitness, good health and a stronger environment, by launching relevant campaigns and initiatives through our channels.

The Creation of the Website

Finding the motivation to run can sometimes be a hard thing to do. It's especially difficult in a big city like Paris, where nature isn't in proximity. The idea to start this website was developed during a morning run. It seemed to me like a cool thing to try. The concept of Run for Trees was developed, and we hope you feel motivated to give it a go!


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